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                                                                   Beverly Hills Licensed Appliance Repair Company To speak with appliance repair technician in Beverly Hills, California call us today (323)405-3884 we are local appliance repair company we repair all major Dacor Appliances in Beverly Hills! We appriciate your time for reviewing our website www.DacorAppianceRepairSoulution.com we are experienced in what we do we provide Quality Dacor Oven Repair and Service in Beverly Hills, CA. www.DacorApplianceRepairSolution.com  Family owned and operated business , we have the most reasonable prices in appliance repair industry, the service call is only $45 to troubleshoot the problem with your appliance, and you only pay $45 if you decide not to go forward with our Estimate , we provide written Estimate before we do any Dacor Oven Repair in Beverly Hills! Our Customer Satisfaction is our #1 choice!  Local Beverly Hills Appliance Repair Providers we provide quality same day appliance repair and service on Following Appliances: OVEN STOVE REFRIGERATOR CAll us today and we will bring your favorite DACOR Oven back  to life 

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Dacor Oven repair Beverly Hills


  • Same Day Appliance Repair and Service
  • Service call is only $45
  • Free service call with authorized repair
  • 30 day warranty on Labor
  • 1 year warranty on parts

www.DacorApplianceRepairSolution.com always here to assist you with any of your Dacor Appliance it does not matter what kind of Oven Or Refrigerator you have because we fix them all the same day with the quality results !  Dacor Appliance Repair Solution in Beverly Hills is open 7 days a week. In June of 2004, our new Dacor Refrigerator and Oven Department facility was opened, located in Los Angeles, California. The new facility has opened us up to an additional 3000 sq. ft. of production for our Technician to practice on new appliances that we bring to the office for our new students most of our Technician go thru 6 month educational courses where we sent our Tehcnicians with a senior technician to every Job site for any Dacor Oven or Dacor Refrigerator Stove Range we repair them all  . In addition, we have education facilities and we provide out Our Technicians the best Education in Appliance Repair Industry for Dacor Oven Repair Solution  . We own and operate 8 trucks  This allows us to control our market as well, allowing our radio dispatch technician to be in your house the same day and the repair your Dacor Oven or Refrigerator the same day your can always call us at (323)405-3884 We also repair Dacor Dishwasher and we provide same day service 

 20521 Vanowen st #4 Winnetka Ca 91306

 www.DacorApplianceRepairSoulution.com  Dacor Oven Repair Department in Beverly Hills to speak with technician in your area call (323)405-3884 

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 20521 Vanowen st #4 Winnetka Ca 91306